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Jaipur is renowned for textiles block printing, blue pottery; carpet
weaving, semi precious stones. Jaipur epitomizes the spirit of Rajputana –
despite its current incarnation as a bustling metropolitan, the city still
retain its 18th century character and history.


Meetings and assistance upon arrivel as our representatives welcome you
and escort you to your car.Later you will be taken to visit  Ranthambhore
Ranthambhore :-

The history of Sawai Madhopur revolves arround the Ranthambore Fort, which
is surrounded by Vindhyas and Aravallis, amidst vast and arid denuded
tracts of Rajasthan. Ranthambhore name came from the two hills, Rann and
Thambor which are in close proximately of each other. Fort lies on an
isolated the Thambhore hill and 481 metres (1578 ft.) above sea level and
Rann is adjoining the  hill of Thambhore which covers some breathtaking
views and the entire top of a hill at the heart of the Park. It has become
part of the UNESCO’s World heritage Site under hill forest series of
Rajasthan. In the 13th  century govinda the grandson of prithviraj chauhan
took over the regien of the hand .After some leisure we will proceed for
ranthambhore park.

Ranthambore Park:-

The park is located in a scenic environment surrounded by Aravali and
Vindhya hill ranges and very close to Thar Desert. With hills and valleys,
the park offers spectacular sights that take your breath away. The 300
plus square km area houses various other wild species namely leopards,
hyenas, sambhar, jackals, deer and many more. This is a wonderful place to
watch birds too as there are over 260 species found here. Jeep safari is
available. Though the park remains open for visitors from October to May,
the best time to make your tour would be between November and March.

We do hope the flavor of India will remain on your taste buds for all
times to come and hopefully would kindle an indelible fondness for the
country and her people .Thanks you for being our guest and as we say in
india “Please Come Back Soon”